Gamma system - Aluminium coating system

Sistema Gamma - Rivestimento infissi
Sistema Gamma - Rivestimento infissi

Aluminium coating system for windows - Gamma

Sypri is very glad to present the certified system Altonova for the coating of windows with aluminium.

The huge range of profiles allows the coating both of new and old windows. The joint of the frames can be mechanical or welded. The range of accessories and gaskets guarantees a simply and quickly building.

It's possible to have profiles in bars of 6 meters, raw or painted, with cut and joint to make or profiles just cutted, raw or painted, with joint to make or mechanically jointed frames or welded frames, raw or painted.

The system Gamma is the version of the system Alfa that allows to combine the wood frame milled with classical methods with the wide range of aluminium profiles for the wing.